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1 May 2020


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Visit the World’s Largest Cricket Bat Factory

Visit the world’s largest bat and cricket gear manufacturing factory, which produces the SS brand of cricket gear, used by some of the world’s best cricketers.

Support Kiwis Internationally

The Indian Premier League (IPL) tournament has become a major global sporting success over the last 12 years. 

Each of the 8 teams competing is allowed a maximum of 8 overseas players in their squad, with 4 overseas players allowed in an 11 man playing team.

The format has attracted some of the best players and coaches in the world, including 11 players and 2 coaches from NZ in the 2019 tournament and this has helped ensure a very strong NZ fan base. 

India’s Finest Cuisine

Bukhara, a featured restaurant on this tour, has won innumerable accolades over the years, making it the only globally recognised Indian restaurant and the preferred dining destination of celebrities, presidents and heads of state for over 35 years.

About the Tour

India is famous for many things – culture, history, festivals, etc. However, two things in particular in India are next level as far as popularity goes – the Cricket and the Cuisine. 

The sheer number of cuisines in India shows how incredibly diverse the country is, however, their undying love for cricket makes it almost a religion which unites the country. 

Such is the obsession of cricket in India that Sachin Tendulkar, the “God of Cricket” has a life size statue in a temple in India.


The Cricket

Cricket is to India, what Rugby is to New Zealand. Indeed, if New Zealanders bleed black, Indians bleed blue. The emergence of the Indian Premier League (IPL) has taken the popularity of the sport to a new level.

The attendance for the IPL tournament in the 2018 season was more than 1.5 million people.


The Curry

Indian cuisine is as diverse as the country itself. Many rulers and settlers over the centuries have brought to India their own spices, style of cooking and taste preferences, not to mention the range of climates, religions, ethnic groups… 

Don’t be surprised if you receive a menu card in a restaurant with over 40 pages!


Giving back

For every person who joins us on the Cricket and Curry tour, we will donate money to feed 10 kids their school lunch for one entire year.

Our chosen charity, Annamarita (“Food is Nectar”), provides free lunches to over 1 million kids in schools daily, helping to break the poverty cycle for disadvantaged kids.

What’s Included

We have carefully created two incredible packages that are jam-packed with sensational sights, exhilarating IPL matches and delectable culinary experiences all at two very affordable price points. Both tours are amazing value for the ultimate cricket travel experience you will never forget.

6 Nights/7 Days


We offer a 7 day tour option for those who are time challenged, but want a taste of this incredible experience.

Some of the highlights include: 

  • Two IPL Matches 
  • Exploring India’s must sees in Mumbai and Jaipur 
  • Five star accommodation 
  • Return international flight on Singapore Airlines*

*Business Class airfare upgrade available
*Single room cost available on request
*Attractive land only cost for those outside of NZ available on request
*Tour guaranteed to depart once we reach required minimum group size

10 Nights/11 Days


Our premium package with all the bells and whistles, for an experience you’ll want to tell everyone about. 

Some of the highlights include: 

  • Everything on 7 day tour PLUS 
  • Additional IPL match 
  • Travelling through time in New & Old Delhi
  • Visiting the famous Taj Mahal
  • Dusting off your shoes in a cricket game with the locals for the “Cricket and Curry Trophy” 
  • Dining in one of India’s most prestigious restaurants
  •  Exploring the World’s Largest Cricket Gear Factory

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Tour Highlights

Enjoy these exclusive experiences with the 11-day extended tour



Dine in one of India’s most prestigious restaurants, frequented by many celebrities.


Taj Mahal

Visit the iconic Taj Mahal, by a scenic train journey across India’s eye-catching landscape.


World’s Largest Cricket Gear Manufacturer

Explore the world’s largest cricket gear factory.


IPL 2020 Players

Watch an additional IPL match in the extended tour


IPL 2020 Cheerleaders

Watch an additional IPL match in the extended tour


Cricket and Curry Trophy

Join forces with the tour team and challenge locals to take the Cricket and Curry Trophy home

new delhi


Travel through time exploring New and Old Delhi


ITC Sheraton

After our adventures, come back to relax in 5 star hotels

Your Tour Leaders

Get to know the team

James McOnie

A broadcaster and sports journalist for 25 years, James McOnie is co-host of The Crowd Goes Wild and a member of the Alternative Commentary Collective (ACC) team.

McOnie’s love of cricket dates back to his primary school days in Te Awamutu. He peaked as a medium-paced bowler for Lashings Cricket Club in Kent in the mid-90s as a team-mate of West Indies great Richie Richardson. He admits he wasn’t Richie’s best team-mate, but he believes name-dropping someone famous in the second paragraph of your bio isn’t as bad as doing it in the first paragraph.

The curry part of the tour will be his biggest challenge. While he acclimatised to curries when he lived in England, his constitution will require some work to get up to speed before May. Long story short, you don’t want to room with James.

Favourite old-school cricketer: Lance Cairns.

Favourite current cricketer: Ross Taylor.

Favourite curry: chicken tikka masala.

Mike Lane

With over over 20 years experience in broadcasting and marketing, Mike has worked with some of the biggest sports brands going around including Formula 1, ATP Masters and FIFA along with founding the legendary NZ cricket supporters group the ‘Beige Brigade’. This experience led Mike into founding Australasia’s most popular sports entertainment platforms – The Alternative Commentary Collective (ACC).
Mike is currently the content director for New Zealand’s most infamous and popular rock stations Radio Hauraki while managing and being part of the ACC.

Favourite past cricketer: The Hairy Javelin Grant Elliot
Favourite current cricketer: The Sexy Camel Tim Southee
Favourite Curry: Chicken Madras

Malhar Panchwagh

Mal is the founder of Good Food Journeys, NZ’s only specialist culinary tour operator to India.

He is Indian by birth and Kiwi by choice. India is a fascinating country and he believes a visit should be on everyone’s bucket list. Good Food Journeys is his attempt at showcasing India to Kiwis. What better way to experience India than discover stories about its culture, history and food, and of course, Cricket, the sport that unites the country!

He is a foodie and loves to travel. Despite living in NZ for 16 years he still has very strong ties to his motherland. He and his team in India have a very strong network and access to people and places not available to the average tourist.

Favourite cricketer: Sachin Tendulkar
Favourite place in India: Goa
Favourite Indian dish: Spicy Chicken Chettinad

Jim Doherty

People who know Jim well know him as a ‘sports nut’ this comes from his days as a professional footballer in the UK. Jim migrated his passion for sport and his excitement for travel into an exciting business. He now has over 30 years specialised experienced in the travel industry and connections and relationships are Jim’s game.

Jim was the pioneer of Sports & Event travel in Australasia being the first sports and events wholesaler in New Zealand. He serviced over 900 travel agents with exciting first to market products with his Sports & Events Abroad company. Some of Sports & Events successful ventures included; the Americas Cup the Auckland Warriors away games, tour operator to two World Cup Football Finals and two Olympic games in Atlanta and Sydney. The first travel operator down under to successfully break into the huge USA market of Baseball, Basketball, Ice Hockey and American Football.

Favourite cricket format: 20/20
Favourite Indian food: All of them.. bring on May 2020
Favourite cricketer: Ross Taylor.. all class

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the booking conditions?

These are set out by our ticketing partner, North Shore Business Travel. 

Click here to view and download the full booking conditions.

What is included in the tour cost?

The tour cost includes return international flights from NZ with Singapore Airlines, domestic flights in India, twin share accommodation in 5 star hotels, daily breakfast, 3 dinners, all transfers, tickets to 2 or 3 IPL games (depending on your package), city tours and excursions in a private air-conditioned bus.

If you would like to upgrade to business class, or are travelling by yourself and would like your own room, then you can discuss with Jim at +6421666195 or jim@jimdoherty.co.nz

Click here to view and download the full inclusions and exclusions.

Do you have experienced guides?

Yes, we have local English speaking guides at every destination. They have a lot of information about the places we will visit and can give a good insight on the story of the place.

Will I know which hotels I will be staying before I go?

The hotels we will be staying at are:

What star rating are the hotels?

Safety, comfort and cleanliness are our highest priorities. Therefore we provide accommodation in world class hotels belonging to international chains. All hotels will be 5 star or 5 star deluxe.

What are the payment terms to book the tour?

We expect the tour to be popular and will sell out quickly. We require $500 non-refundable deposit at the time of booking to reserve your spot. The balance is payable 60 days before departure date. Payment can be made through bank transfer, credit card, cash or cheque.

Is a visa required to visit India?

Yes, all foreigners need a visa to enter India. Our travel agency partner North Shore Business Travel can assist in acquiring the Visa.

India offers an electronic tourist visa on arrival. To avail e-Tourist Visa (eTV) facility, all applicants must first apply online to obtain the visa. The visa must be applied for at least four (4) days before commencing travel and not more than 30 days before anticipated travel to India. Applications are to be made online at www.indianvisaonline.gov.in. However, we strongly urge that all Visa formalities are completed before departure to avoid unforeseen problems in India.

It is important to note that applicant’s passport should have at least six months validity from the date of arrival in India. Failing which, entry into India can be denied.

Do I need travel insurance?

Yes, we strongly recommend that you take travel insurance through a provider of your choice. Our travel agency partner North Shore Business Travel has group discount rates for Travel Insurance.

Are vaccinations required?

Immunizations are not mandatory to visit India. However, please contact your doctor before travel.

What medicines should I bring from back home?

You should carry some anti-diarrhea medicine. Anti-allergens and mosquito repellents are a must when travelling to India. If you’re not used to the spiced food and/or have a sensitive tummy, medicines for the same are advisable. We also recommend basic medicines as a precaution or cure for mild fever and headaches, ointments for burns and cuts and a pack of band aids.

What is the electricity supply in India and what plugs are used?

The electricity supply is 230 – 240 volt, with three round pin plugs. Most western visitors will require an adaptor.

Is the water safe to drink and the food safe to eat?

In India, we do not drink off the tap directly. Bottled or filtered water is recommended and will be supplied while in India.

Food in restaurants and cafes are good and all organised meals are of good quality and safe. In general street food is not the most hygienic. However, when we step put to enjoy street food, we go to select vendors who we know care about hygiene and our health. When you are on your own, be diligent and check where necessary.

What is the currency in India & how can I do convert NZD to local currecny?

The Indian currency is the rupee, which is made of 100 paise. Major currencies such as US dollars, British pounds and Euros are easy to exchange throughout India. Most international airports throughout the country will have money exchange counters, as should the larger hotels and resorts. 

ATMs linked to international networks are situated in most big cities. There may be a small charge for cash withdrawal. Our recommendation is you exchange some NZD to Indian Rupees before departure.

Any tips on carrying cash in India?

Carry enough (not too much) Indian currency on you at all times for tipping and small purchases. Keep heavy cash at safe place (such as lockers in hotel rooms) and do not reveal in public places like airports, railway station, ticket counters, taxi stands etc. Beware of pick pockets.

Spending in India

Use credit cards when you can – Visa and Master card are widely accepted in India. But American Express and Diner’s Club is not.

Is haggling allowed?

Street vendors in India, like any other country, are notorious for upselling things to foreigners. So, obviously, the known traveller should haggle a bit, before settling down with a price. If you don’t ask for a discount, you won’t get it!

Will I have language problems while in India?

No. English is commonly spoken throughout India. In fact, most children, particularly in the cities, learn English first in school. It is the most important language for commercial, national, and political status. Hindi is the national language and primary tongue for 40% of Indians.

What are the basic rules of etiquette for visitors to India?

Here are a few tips:

  • When you go to someone’s house it is customary to remove shoes before entering. While some hosts might be ok with it, it is mandatory to remove your footwear while entering a temple, mosque or a Gurudwara.
  • It is considered rude to address people with their professional title, especially to those who engage in physical nature of work such as drivers, porters, waiters, etc.
  • Indians are rather conservative about clothing. Women are expected to dress modestly, with legs and shoulders covered. Trousers are acceptable, but shorts and short skirts are offensive to many. Men are similarly expected to dress appropriately with their legs and head covered. Caps are usually available on loan, often free, for visitors, and sometimes cloth is available to cover up your arms and legs. The culture in big cities is much more liberal. One can be a little more relaxed about these norms when traveling in the cities.
  • Though most restaurants offer cutlery, if there is an instance to eat with your hands, make sure that you eat with your right hand only. In India, just like right across Asia, the left hand is for wiping your bottom, cleaning your feet, removing and wearing shoes and therefore considered impure.
  • When eating or drinking is that your lips should not touch other people’s food/drink. It is customary to wash your hands before and after eating.

Are there any essentials I should be packing for my trip?

  • Carry a scarf to cover your head and bring a light jumper in case the nights get a bit chilly. The safest option while dressing for a temple visit in India is to cover your shoulders and knees. A loose fitting dress for ladies or the Indian Salwar Kameez and a simple shirt/t-shirt and jeans/ trousers for men would be ok for most religious places. Also, carry smart casuals as we will be dining in fine dining restaurants as well as five star luxury hotels.
  • We recommend you travel light as we will travel by domestic flights. Also you may want to leave space in your suitcase for the amazing shopping opportunities…
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